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What’s the difference between Rabbit TV and the other guys?

Unlike set-top boxes, which tend to complicate things with hundreds of stand-alone apps for each service, Rabbit TV simplifies the experience by combining all content sources into one easy-to-use guide.

Unlike Cable/Satellite Providers, which give you scheduled programming with a small window for on-demand options, Rabbit TV is continually adding to its on-demand library, allowing users to access content at any time.

Unlike premium video services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, who only provide a limited spectrum of TV shows and movies based on licensing agreements, Rabbit TV allows users to connect to almost every show and movie by pulling from a variety of content sources.

Why would I use Rabbit TV when I can access most of the same stuff on my own?

Viewers want to spend time watching content, not searching for it.

Similar to the print publication TV Guide, who for years made you aware of what was going to be on your television set every week, Rabbit TV is simply more robust, interactive, and option-packed for the new age of TV, automatically gathering, categorizing, managing and organizing an overwhelming 2 million+ video updates daily. It also introduces you to loads of new content you’d never find on your own everyday, including massive worldwide options that aren’t even available through cable or satellite.

Rabbit TV does all the work, so you don’t have to.

How will Rabbit TV ultimately convince me to switch from cable and satellite?

Clearly, the Internet is the platform by which all new devices (computers, mobile, tablet, etc.) are accessing the world’s content. Rabbit TV uses this competitive advantage to open the door to a much larger world of content options while eliminating the need for expensive monthly cable/satellite bills.

Beyond our virtual library that archives the past five decades of entertainment, indicators strongly suggest that the latest premium content will soon be made available on an a-la-carte basis. People will ultimately be able to choose only what they want to watch, advantageously creating their own customized monthly entertainment bill.

Rabbit TV will couple this demand with today’s massive influx of original content and programming being produced daily on the Internet, to create an entirely new, state-of-the-art entertainment ecosystem.