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Netflix Shows How Streaming Video is Beating Out Network TV

Netflix has finally overtaken cable networks in viewership, according to a recent study by BTIG Research. Richard Greenfield of BTIG Research recently came to the conclusion that Netflix users are spending over 87 minutes a day streaming video using the popular web-based subscription service. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that Netflix subscribers spent [...] News and Blog » External Blogs

Rabbit TV Blows by Netflix, Hulu and Other Internet TV Leaders

In it’s first 30 days, it’s apparent that Rabbit TV is definitely in the Internet TV race – so much so that it’s already surpassed the top 2 leading Internet TV sites in User Time on Site. UPDATE 2/18/13: One week later, users are still loving Rabbit TV (see updated stats below) Daily Avg. Page [...] News and Blog » External Blogs

Rabbit TV Continues to Widen Gap on Hulu Netflix & Others

Rabbit TV user statistics indicate and validate customer satisfaction levels remain very high with their latest product. In only six weeks, average time spent online and page views have rocketed past industry leaders with no sign of letting up. See stats below. The company realizes that a key statistic is the total number of subscribers, [...] News and Blog » External Blogs